Sea Survival


We offer three types of Sea Survival training:
ISAF Offshore Safety Course – 2 day
STCW 95 Personal Survival Techniques – 1 day
RYA Sea Survival Course – 1 day

Our Chief Instructor, Simon Jinks is the author of the recently published ISAF Guide to Offshore Personal Safety for racing and cruising.

Simon has run Sea Survival Instructor Training courses for the RYA and is a senior trainer for most marine disciplines. He has represented the UK and Europe on ISO committees for safety equipment and is heavily involved in vessel equipment codes of practice.

We have also run Sea Survival training at other UK locations and overseas. Click to view our course dates and availability.

ISAF Offshore Safety Course

RYA/ISAF Offshore Safety course satisfies the training required by ISAF Offshore Special Regulation 6.01 for category 0, 1 and some category 2 offshore races. Some members of the crew will also need to have a First Aid qualification.

The aim of the 2 day ISAF Offshore Safety course is to provide skippers and crews of yachts wishing to take part in offshore races with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with an emergency whilst offshore.  The course consists of 2 modules, basic sea survival and offshore safety. If you have attended the RYA Basic Sea Survival course within the last five years then you need only attend the ISAF Offshore Safety Training module.

ISAF Offshore Safety module includes training on the care & maintenance of safety equipment; storm sails; damage control; crew routines;  man overboard prevention and recovery; giving assistance to other craft; SAR organisation and methods; practical fire Precautions and fire fighting and distress alerting and survivor location aids.

STCW 95 – Personal Survival Techniques

Although similar to the RYA Basic Sea Survival course, the syllabus varies slightly. The course can be used for Commercial Endorsements with the RYA and is recognised internationally. The PST course is one of the four elements needed to upgrade to the STCW Commercial Endorsement. Please see our STCW Basic Training page for more details

This training is intended to meet the requirements set out in Table A-VI/1-1 of the STCW Code and unit A11 of the marine national occupational standards. The greatest and most immediate threat to life in the event of abandoning ship is cold exposure. Precautions to protect against it, together with knowledge of survival equipment and its use, is the main message of this training. Other problems that a survivor will encounter are covered so as to ensure the highest possible chances of survival.

RYA Basic Sea Survival Course

A one-day course for anyone going to sea, providing an understanding of how to use the safety equipment on board your boat.

Cruising is one of the safest leisure sporting activities, and 99.9% of those afloat will never use their liferaft. However, if you are part of the unlucky 0.1% your chances of survival will be greatly increased if you understand how to use the equipment and how to help yourself.

It is a well-proven fact that, in the event of an emergency at sea, people with training are more likely to survive.

An important part of the course is a practical session in a swimming pool. Experience first hand the problems of entering an uncooperative liferaft and assisting others while fully kitted out in wet weather gear and a lifejacket.