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How do I book a course with you?2022-03-23T17:13:50+00:00

Bookings can either be made in 3 ways –
Online via our course booking page, you will be asked to pay for your course in full by credit/debit card via PayPal (you don’t need an account).
By calling the office on 01752 408270, a 25% deposit is required to secure your place with the balance due 28 days before the course.

Or by emailing

Weather on Courses2022-03-23T17:05:37+00:00

Weather on courses: When training on our vessels, we are always subject to environmental conditions. Some courses can be more affected than others. We are based in Plymouth, therefore we are subject to the vagaries of British weather. On any given week or weekend, we can have no wind, too much wind, fog, too much sun, snow – sometimes they all happen on the same day….

Sailing courses: On sailing courses wind is the key issue. Therefore there is a rare chance that you may not sail every day. If we can sail safely, we will. In high winds, luckily, Plymouth is a very sheltered harbour from most wind directions, therefore we can often get to shelter and then sail in those areas within our very large harbour and rivers. Please also bear in mind that if we cannot sail, we will cover theory subjects as all RYA practical courses still have approximately 30% theory in the course which we normally break up into chunks throughout the week/weekend, but we may save them for the windy/no wind/foggy times. 

Powerboat courses: These are less affected by conditions, as the area of operation is smaller and we can if required run most of the course in the shelter of the river. Once again and certainly on Powerboat level 2 courses, there is a large theory element. Normally we divide the theory elements up into sessions in the morning, after lunch and end of the day – so six sessions over two days – but in poor weather we may group them together to hide from the worst weather etc. 

Motorboat courses: These are even less affected by weather as we have shelter and can concentrate on boat handling and electronics. We can also take advantage of small weather windows to get to more shelter. However in poor weather, we will cover theory subjects as all RYA practical courses still have approximately 30% theory in the course which we normally break up into chunks throughout the week, but we may save them for the windy or foggy times. 

In extremes: There are also those weekends or weeks when the weather is simply diabolical and we get a week of Force 9-10’s when we may just call and stop the course, usually beforehand if it is well forecast. More often than not we get a day or so of poor weather and work around it. 

All courses: On all courses our aim is to complete the course in the safest way possible, covering all the theory and practical elements. We are not able to guarantee courses will have practical sessions on every day as we will work around the weather forecast

Which is the nearest airport?2017-03-27T10:51:04+01:00

Plymouth no longer has its own airport, the nearest is Exeter however Bristol and London are other options.

There is a new direct coach service from Bristol Airport to Plymouth costing just £25 return, coaches leave the airport once an hour through the day and less frequently through the night. The Falcon coaches are equipped with Air Conditioning, Wifi and charging sockets. Advanced booking of a specific time and day costs as little as £1.50. Click for full details of the coach service.

London Heathrow has a frequent train service to London Paddington station, where there is a direct train service to Plymouth.

Where do the courses take place?2022-05-24T15:25:37+01:00

Courses take place at the SeaRegs Training purpose built training venue at Turnchapel Wharf, Barton Road, Plymouth PL9 9RQ. Yacht courses join at Turnchapel before heading to the marina.

Joining details will be emailed to you in advance of the course.

What time do the courses start?2022-05-24T15:29:10+01:00

Our shorebased courses start at 0830. Finish times vary from course to course, we usually aim to finish by 1700 at the latest.

Sailing, Motorboat, and Powerboat courses start at 0900. Finish times for motorboat, powerboat, and Saturday Sailing courses are usually 1700, however on Day Skipper or higher level courses there will be at least one night exercise. Our 5-day Sailing courses are residential so you stay on board the yacht until 1500 on the fifth day.

Joining details will be emailed to you before the course with specific details for your course. If you have any specific questions about a course you’ve booked or are thinking about booking, please contact us.

Is food provided on the course?2015-11-28T14:56:38+00:00

Yes, for our classroom courses lunch is included and for practical courses on our Motor boat, all food whilst you are onboard is included.

Are training materials included?2015-11-28T14:57:09+00:00

Depending on the course relevant training materials are provided at the start of the course. For the STCW HELM (Operational), Master 200 and VHF/SRC courses we provide pre-course training materials.

Is there any accommodation?2015-11-28T14:57:37+00:00

We don’t have any accommodation on site, however Plymouth has a wealth of Guest Houses and Hotels to suit a range of budgets. We can provide you with an accommodation list and recommendations from previous students.

Why have I been asked for photo ID?2017-10-10T10:51:14+01:00

The MCA have asked us to check photo ID at the start of any STCW courses to make sure you really are you and you haven’t sent someone else to do the training for you, acceptable ID is either a Passport or driving licence.

How long are STCW certificates valid for?2015-11-28T14:58:43+00:00

From 1 January 2017, the STCW Survival and Fire Fighting Certificates will only be valid for 5 years. This means anyone who attended one of these courses before 1 January 2012 will need to do a refresher course before the end of 2016.
STCW First Aid certificates also need refresher training after 5 years if you have a medical role onboard.

What happens if I lose my certificate?2022-05-10T10:26:59+01:00

STCW and MCA Certificates originally issued by ourselves can be replaced by us for an admin fee of £15 per certificate.

All RYA Certificates would need to be re-issued by the RYA. If your original certificate was a photo ID course completion or certificate of competence, this would have originally been registered with the RYA and they will have a record on their system to re-issue for a fee. For RYA paper certificates, you would need proof that you completed the course and to complete a declaration of loss form that the RYA can provide. 

Feedback and Complaints2022-05-28T13:40:12+01:00

Feedback is taken seriously and is looked upon positively as a way to improve. Feedback forms will be offered to students when they finish a course and reviewed afterwards. An online version of the form is available if required. Feedback forms will be kept on file for 12 months after the course.

Click to view a copy of our Complaints procedure

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