Plymouth Boat Care

SeaCrew offer care packages for your boat and an extra hand when needed. We can receive deliveries and fit items to your boat, organise work, do those little jobs you never get around to or just be there to check your lines and boat after a blow. Based in Turnchapel Wharf in Plymouth, we are ideally situated to visit any vessel in Plymouth and the surrounding area.

Boat Care Services

  • Cleaning and Bosun Jobs

    General wash downs, water tank fills, general repairs and fettling, winch servicing, use of power tools and maintenance including our use of our workshop.£170 per day or £22 per hour

  • Washdowns

    £3.75 per metre of boat, plus an extra £20 for flybridges.

  • Jetwash

    Whole boat up to 13 metre costs £50, larger boats £75.

  • Cut and Polish

    Whole boat £60 per metre, or topsides only £36 per metre. Coachroof only £36 per metre. All including materials. Waxing extra.

  • Brightwork

    Whole boat up to 13m costs £75, larger boats from £100.

  • Valeting

    Including mould removal if necessary.

  • Specialist Jobs

    Engineering, GRP work, shipwrighting, rigging costs etc  all available on quotation at £35–40 per hour.

  • Crew

    Experienced skippers and instruction available at £275 per day
    Experienced professional crew supplied at £150 per day

Boat Care Package

  • Service Package

    Walk-on inspection to check there are no obvious problems – smells, stains, entries.

    On deck:
    No obvious signs of damage to hull or rig from visual from deck
    Lines leads and chafe
    Electrical wire chafe and connection onboard
    Fender placements
    Loose or tapping halyards
    Covers and sails are secure

    Below Deck:
    Electrics on as required
    No water onboard in bilges (3 specific areas)
    Heaters or dehumidifiers operating, as required.

    Straightforward FW wash down of the deck and cockpit to remove bird strikes, dust and grime, plus a wipe through of the surfaces (tables, cupboard fronts and floor sweep) and an email or text to state the check has been done, or remedial work required.

    £150 per month (we can customise the content to suit your requirements)

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