Courses and Course fees

Course fees listed below are for scheduled courses at SeaRegs Training in Plymouth.
All fees include VAT, tea, and coffee.
Please note it is only possible to pay full course fees on our website. If booking a course over 28 days before its start date, please contact us directly to pay a 25% deposit. Remaining fees will need to be paid 28 days before the course start date.

Lunch is provided on classroom based courses lasting 1x full day or longer, training materials are included.
Food is provided on practical courses whilst training.
Accommodation is only included on Yacht courses. We can provide accommodation suggestions for classroom and motor/power boat courses.

MCA STCW Basic Training       
MCA STCW Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities £90 ½ day DATES
MCA STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness £90 ½ day DATES
MCA STCW combined Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities and Proficiency in Security Awareness £140 1 day DATES
MCA STCW Personal Survival Techniques / Refresher £145 1 day DATES
MCA STCW Elementary First Aid £130 1 day DATES
MCA STCW Proficiency in Designated Security Duties £150 1 day  DATES
MLC Health & Safety Courses       
Highfield Level 2 Food Safety at Sea £120 1 day DATES
Highfield Level 2 Manual Handling £100 1/2 day DATES
Highfield Level 2 Health & Safety £120 1 day DATES
Highfield Level 2 Risk Assessment £120 1 day DATES
Highfield Level 2 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health £80  ½ day DATES
Carriage of Dangerous Goods on Workboats £100 1/2 day DATES
MCA Certificate of Competence Training and Ancillary Courses      
MCA STCW HELM Operational £450 3 days DATES
MCA Master 200 prep £950 5 days DATES
MCA Boatmaster prep £950  5 days DATES
MCA Approved 1 day Fire Fighting £145 1 day DATES
MCA Stability for Workboats, Pilot Boats and SCVs £175 1 day DATES
MCA ECDIS (Generic) £950 5 days DATES
SQA Use of Radar and Electronic Chart Systems in Code Vessels £900 5 days DATES
SQA Operate non ECDIS Electronic Chart Systems £500 2.5 days DATES
SQA Use of Radar in Code Vessels £500 2.5 days DATES
MCA Small Ships Navigation & Radar £750 5 days DATES
MCA Approved Engine Course Part 1 (AEC1) £800 5 days DATES
MCA Approved Engine Course Part 2 (AEC2) £875 5 days DATES
Efficient Deck Hand (EDH) £650 5 days DATES
MCA Crisis Management & Human Behaviour £150 1 day DATES
ISM Training      
Maritime Lead Auditor (includes 2 day Designated Person) £1250 4 days DATES
Maritime Safety Management System Awareness £170 1 day DATES
Maritime Designated Person £650 2 days DATES
RYA/MCA Motorboat Courses      
RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore/Coastal Power Preparation followed by Exam £975 (plus Exam fee) 5 days DATES
RYA Coastal Skipper Power course  £1000 5 days DATES
RYA Day Skipper Power £850 4 days  DATES
RYA Helmsman £450 2 days DATES
RYA Start Motor Cruising £200 1 day DATES
RYA/MCA Yacht Courses      
RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore/Coastal Sail Preparation followed by Exam
(exam duration will depend on number of candidates)
£825 (plus Exam fee) 7 days DATES
RYA Coastal Skipper / Mile builder £700  5 days DATES
RYA Day Skipper Sail / Competent Crew £700  5 days DATES
Just Go Sailing £ Varies    
RYA/MCA Powerboat Courses      
RYA/MCA Powerboat Level 2 £325 2 days DATES
RYA Intermediate Powerboat course £375 2 days DATES
RYA Tender Operator course £375 2 days DATES
RYA/MCA Advanced Powerboat course and exam prep £525 (plus exam fee) 3 days DATES
RYA Shorebased      
RYA Day Skipper Theory £450 5 days DATES
RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory £525 6 days DATES
RYA VHF/SRC £125(plus Exam fee) 1 day DATES
RYA Radar Operator  £130 1 day 
RYA Diesel Engine  £120  1 day DATES
World Sailing Offshore Safety  £265 2 days  DATES
Boat Maintenance Course (Non-RYA)  £120 1 day  DATES
RYA Online Courses       
RYA Essential Navigation  £100 your pace DATES
RYA Day Skipper Theory  £295 your pace DATES
RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory £310 your pace  DATES
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory £310 your pace  DATES
RYA Professional Practices and Responsibilities £39 your pace DATES
RYA VHF/SRC  £80 (plus Exam fee) your pace  DATES
Instructor Training      
RYA Cruising Instructor Power £900 4 days DATES
RYA Cruising Instructor Sail £750 5 days DATES
RYA Powerboat Instructor pre-skills assessment £100 1/2 day DATES
RYA Powerboat Instructor £450 3 days DATES
RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor £450 2 days DATES
MCA IMO 6.09 Train the Instructor £875 5 days DATES