RYA Powerboat Instructor course –3 days, cost £470
Pre-Skills assessment cost £110
Before attending a Powerboat Instructor course you will need to have passed the pre-skills assessment, we have an assessment scheduled before the Instructor course starts.

You’ll also need a valid First Aid Certificate, the RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate, a health declaration form or medical questionnaire, and five seasons’ experience of powerboating logged (preferably in range of boat types and sizes) OR one season for those who use powerboats as an integral part of their normal full-time occupation.

The first 2 days of the Powerboat Instructor course look at how to best teach the powerboat syllabus and  teaching technique. Candidates will be teaching parts of the syllabus under guidance.

The last day consists of the moderation of the course by a second trainer.  Candidates will continue the same pattern, but with another trainer to check consistency of the course and to give a second look at the individuals.

During the course candidates will be asked to present a short, classroom presentation on a topic that they have prepared. They’ll also be asked to run sessions afloat. The topics are from the powerboat logbook (G20) and are typical of those that a RYA Powerboat Instructor may be called upon to present.


RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor course – 2 days, cost £475
Before attending this course you will need a valid First Aid Certificate, the RYA Powerboat Instructor qualification, your Advanced Powerboat Course Completion certificate, and one of the following certificates of competence:

  • Advanced Powerboat
  • RYA Yachtmaster Coastal (power)
  • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore (power)

You will also need a Commercial Endorsement. If you do not, you will also need to provide a health declaration form or medical questionnaire.
Advanced Instructors who do not hold a valid Commercial Endorsement will only be able to teach Intermediate powerboat.

Finally, you will need to show logged teaching hours as a Powerboat Instructor.

The Advanced Powerboat Instructor course is run over two days and one evening, including a night exercise conducted in darkness. There is no moderation, instead you will be continuously assessed throughout the course.


The above instructor courses can be arranged for groups on request. 

RYA books designed to accompany the courses (including the RYA Power Schemes Instructor Handbook G19) can be purchased through the online RYA book shop.

Photo (c) ISAF, SeaRegs Training and the ISAF Scholarship trainees