Devon based Marine Training provider SeaRegs have been in Kenya training powerboat instructors and qualifying some of the first Kenyan Instructors in the Country. A team of SeaRegs Instructors were out for seven days led by Chief Instructor, Simon Jinks working in and around the Mombasa area.

Simon Jinks commented, ‘The instructors we qualify are going on to help train Kenyans in skills afloat and aid agency staff to supply remote parts of Kenya and the bordering countries of Tanzania, Sudan and Rwanda by boat. The Kenyan instructors will also be providing basic training to troops in the fight against piracy in the Indian Ocean’.

The Instructor training included boathandling skills on twin engined vessels, day and night pilotage, electronic navigation techniques and how to effectively structure a course and teach in classrooms and afloat.

SeaRegs were able to qualify three instructors at the end of the course who will be able to teach for their organisation in Kenya.

SeaRegs offer marine training for the small commercial vessel sector up to 200Gt. Concentrating on MCA/STCW/RYA qualifications and backing this up with specialist courses and skills to fill in the gaps. They also offer training consultancy and have so far assisted both Turkish and Korean Federations in national training programs.  Their chief Instructor Simon Jinks is also author of the RYA Commercial Regulations for Small Vessels and the ISAF Guide to Offshore Personal Safety.