For the time being we’re not able to teach our theory courses in the classroom and we know online learning can be daunting, this is when our blended learning options might help.

For a number of years we have been successfully offering session via Skype, these have up to now been utilised by people wanting some refresher training or a mock oral exam. Through Skype we are able to offer “face to face” training with an instructor from the comfort of your own home, we can share screens to illustrate how to do something and it allows you to ask questions, show your chart work or get help on any problem areas.

The different options available are:

Day Skipper theory online (email support from us) – £295
Day Skipper theory online plus 4 x 45 minute Skype sessions – £415

Yachmaster/Coastal theory online (email support from us) – £310
Yachtmaster/Coastal theory online plus 4 x 45 minute Skype sessions – £430

The Yachtmaster/Coastal theory course has changed over the last few years, the assumed background knowledge is Day Skipper level theory, if you’re not at this level the course we would recommend you start with the Day Skipper theory course first.

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New this year are our Online Lectures and training, three Skype sessions a day on a range of different topics from Navigation refreshers, Radar and Electronic Navigation to sessions aimed at Commercial Skippers.