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Simon writes for the Royal Yachting Association supplying web content, books and videos. He is a former contributor to Motorboats Monthly, writing the ‘MBM Skipper’ series, Q&A’s and the occasional boat tests. He is a former staff Technical Consultant for Yachting Monthly and Sailing Today magazine, and contributor to Motorboat & Yachting writing their ‘Boathandling’ series.


Space Jam – eLoran offers an alternative to GPS in the event of signal failure
E-Nav the race is on
– the latest developments and history of Electronic Navigation
Broadband Radar – better than conventional radar?
Digital Radar – how has digital radar developed and what benefits does it offer?
Chart Plotter, friend or foe – it was one said that ‘the art of navigation is knowing where you are not’.
The Chart Plotter – Electronic navigation working hand in glove with traditional navigation techniques
Pilotage – being one step ahead of the game is the key to effective pilotage
No Fix? Easily fixed – how your Radar can be used for pilotage

Pilotage – up rivers and anchorages

Up the River Dart – discovering the delights of the river Dart to Totnes
Up the River Medina – past the hustle and bustle of Cowes the Medina continues to Newport
Up the River Lynher – secluded anchorages leading to a tranquil finish at St Germans
Up the River Tamar – rich in history the Tamar offers some of the finest scenery in the West Country
Up the Salcombe and Kingsbridge Estuary – follow the estuary to Kingsbridge, Frogmore and South Pool
Barn Pool – A beautiful anchorage
Up the River Colne – Brightlingsea to Colchester
Secret Water Windermere – A brief guide to Windermere
Exploring the Walton Backwaters – RYA Guide to the Walton Backwaters
Up the River Blackwater – Osea to Maldon
Up the River Fal – Falmouth Harbour
Falmouth’s Secret Harbours – The Fal & Truro Rivers

Boat Handling

The effect of rudders, props and propwalk (sail) – includes video footage
The effect of rudders, props, outdrives and propwalk (power)
Pivot points, windage and slide (sail) – includes video footage
Pivot points, windage and slide (power)
Tide into a marina – Video
Wind into a marina – Video
Sail trim is all a balancing act
– how the main and headsail work together
Trim and Shapely Genoas – how to trim a genoa
Trimming the mainsail – how to trim a mainsail
Adjusting Sail draft – what is sail draft and how to use it
Spinnakers – a run through the gear and preparation required
Spinnakers: Hoist, trim and drop – by taking it one step at a time, flying a spinnaker becomes less daunting
Asymmetric’s, Chutes and Genneker’s – basically one and the same
A Secure Anchorage
– dropping the hook and staying put.
Anchoring; The gear
A Safe Anchorage – selecting a good place to anchor
Chain Brake – flaking anchor chain and using a chain brake

Cruiser Racing

Cruiser Racing Part 1 – Many cruising sailors don’t race, until a competitor comes along
Cruiser Racing Part 2–  Offshore or inshore, one-design or club racing there’s plenty to choose from
Cruiser Racing Part 3 – SIs, NoRs and have you checked your insurance policy
Cruiser Racing Part 4 – The rules of racing
Cruiser Racing Part 5 – Ratings and handicaps
Cruiser Racing Part 6 – Yachts and equipment
Cruiser Racing part 7 – race start signals
Cruiser Racing part 8 – the start line
Cruiser Racing part 9 – clear crew roles

Learning from Experience

Bears, Buoys and Bottoms
Brambles and hooks
GPS – get position support
Improvising with underwear
Anchor watch
Smoking hot in Amsterdam
The X Factor
Escape Route
Feeling thirsty

Weather and Safety

Haven’t the foggiest idea – Knowing the type of fog is important for deciding when it is likely to clear.
Fire Extinguishers – in the heat of the moment will yours fit.
Your lifejacket – lifesaver or wreath?
Seacocks – advice on buying new seacocks and keeping them in good safe working order
Seize the moment – How often do you check the shakles?
Handover – Taking charge of your charter boat
Five Minute Briefing – MCA Coding
Five Minute Briefing – Creek Crawling tips
Five Minute Briefing – Man Over Board
Five Minute Briefing – Man Over Board recovery techniques
Five Minute Briefing – Waypoints or dividers
Five Minute Briefing – Diesel Engine Troubleshooting
Five Minute Briefing – Towage and Salvage
Five Minute Briefing – The 3 point fix
Five Minute Briefing – Pilotage
Five Minute Briefing – Pleasure Vessel Regulations

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Yacht Chartering Guide – a guide for anyone considering chartering a boat whether for the first time or not.
The SeaRegs YouTube channel has links to the boat handling videos Simon made on behalf of the RYA, boat tests conducted by Simon on behalf of Motor Boats Monthly and some of our own featuring Training Sea Survival Instructors and our Keelboat.