MCA Yacht Rating Certificate

Large yachts especially those over 200Gt require crew to have certain minimum certification levels. The minimum usually required is the Yacht Rating Certificate.

It usually takes over 6 months to be eligible for a Yacht Rating Certificate however we can fastrack this time to 3 months by offering a few courses to help you on your way.

We offer the four STCW Basic training courses
RYA Competent Crew
RYA Day Skipper shorebased
RYA Day Skipper practical
We will help organise the medical examinations
…help you through the paperwork process.

You will then need to gain 2 months experience onboard a boat over 15m to fully gain the qualification.

To qualify as a Yacht Rating a candidate must:
1. be at least 16 years of age;

2a. demonstrate at least 6 months yacht service including 2 months sea service, all of which must be on vessels 15 metres and over in load line length;
2b. hold the RYA Competent Crew and RYA Day Skipper Certificate and attain 2 months sea service on vessels 15 metres and over in load line length.

3. complete the four elements of approved STCW basic training:
Personal Survival Techniques
Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
Elementary First Aid
Personal Safety & Social Responsibility

4. complete the Yacht Rating Training Record Book if following the path shown in 2a above.

5. Hold a medical fitness certificate such as an ENG1

MSN 1862 has full details and the required Yacht Rating Training Record book is in Annex B

Candidates then apply to the MCA using application form MSF 4340 enclosing the above documentation to receive a Yacht Rating Certificate.