The front cover identifies the vessel, master and owner, logbook start and end date and ties the vessel to the logbook. All entries on the front page are by the Master. It lists the:

Name of ship
Port of Registry
Official number – which is the British ship number and not IMO number

Gross and Registered (net) tonnage – from the Ships registration docs

Names of Masters and Certificates of Competency – this should include the type of CoC and the number of the CoC. Once a master is entered into this section, they do not need adding again when they come back of leave.

Name and address of the registered owner or managing agent or the ships husband or manager

Date and place at which the logbook was opened

Date and place at which the log book was closed
– This would be when the log book was full or withing 6 months, whichever is the sooner.

Delivered to the superintendant or proper office – This is the date and your stamp, when you have sent it to the Registry. The regulations state that it should be sent to the Registry within 48 hrs when the OLB is 6 months old, or when the last person on a crew agreement is discharged.

Recieved by the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen